When she first emailed me back in July, I had to do a double take. Sure enough, it was her! It was the same Lauren that was a student of mine while I was teaching at Stone Ridge High School! The same Lauren whom I had taken senior portraits of eight years ago! But this time, she was emailing to see if I could photograph her and her husband’s five year anniversary. Whaaaaaaat?!? My heart literally could have burst with emotion.  
So last month while I was in California, I met up with Lauren and Adam in Ballico. We roamed around (and by roam, I mean went four wheeling in a Jeep!) their beautiful property that was just the DREAMIEST setting for the shoot. Between the vintage truck and the light streaming through the tall oak trees to being able to seeing Lauren again with her husband, Adam, this shoot was the stuff my photographer heart dreams of!  
Here are a few of my favorites from Adam + Lauren’s anniversary session…
My favorite!
I mean…how sweet are these two?!?
Isn’t this the dreamiest?!?
The love these two share just is really sweet to behold…
Happy five year anniversary Adam + Lauren!!!! Thank you for the honor and opportunity to capture such a special moment in your marriage!!! Cheers to 50 more years! xx

Anniversary Shoot: Adam + Lauren

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