They’ve known each other since the fifth grade. And though they are unsure as to whether it was at 4-H or youth group, one thing was certain…Brendon had a crush on a girl named Cassidy. She didn’t know it at the time, nor did she realize she was breaking his heart when she decided to go to a different school than his her eighth grade year.  
The following year, they attended the same high school and Brendon confessed he had a crush on her. The two never dated, but remained friends. Attending winter formal together, sharing Ag classes, and hanging out at her parent’s house on the weekends. And when it came time to go to college, the mid-west called Cassidy’s name, while Brendon remained in California.  
As their lives ebbed and flowed in different directions, they always remained friends, even going on a ‘date’ during one of her college breaks back at home. Cassidy laughs because she didn’t know it was an official date at the time. Four years later, Cassidy returned to California and shortly thereafter, Brendon asked her on a date date. To make sure she knew if was official this time, he gave her a movie ticket with the words “Will you be my girlfriend?” printed on it. This time, she said yes
Eight months later while on a trip with friends in Amsterdam, Brendon surprised Cassidy and proposed to the girl who captured his heart so many years before. Together, they are planning a wedding this spring, surrounded by their friends and family. i can hardly wait to capture their wedding day, and am so excited to share a few of my favorites from their engagement session with you today!
We decided to meet up at Eastman Lake for their engagement pictures, and it was just THE perfect backdrop for their love!
The day was overcast, but the light was extra soft and dreamy!
After documenting both of their senior portraits (see HERE and HERE), I have to say, capturing their ENGAGEMENT portraits had me feeling all sorts of sentimental!
Just adore these two together!
One of my faves!
After roaming the hills for a while, we headed to the water for a few more portraits!
Just lovelovelove Cassidy’s style!
Another favorite!
I love how they are always able to make each other laugh. It’s clear to see they are marrying their best friend!
I mean…just all the heart eyes!
You can’t see in the picture, but there were cows grazing in the hills, and we could hear their bells from across the way!
Love the color variation of the shore with her dress!
Fiance suits you well, Brendon!
ADORE the way Brendon looks at her…
Can’t wait to see what God has in store for you two!
Beyond excited for these two to say “I do” in May and to document their wedding as they celebrate with friends and family!

Chowchilla Engagement Session: Brendon + Cassidy

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