Sitting with the audience, Sergio was struck by her beauty and voice. Ashley was performing in the annual Christmas program at Christian Life Center and something about her on stage captivated him. He wanted to meet her after, but previous heartbreak kept him from reaching out.  
The next day, on his way home from church, he asked God, “Why can’t I have a girl like that?” In an unhesitating response, he heard “Well go get her!” It was that prompting of his heart that would change the trajectory of his life forever.  
The next day, Sergio returned to Christian Life Center to watch the Christmas program, but this time, he had a mission. He watched as she sang “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” again and felt his heart beat faster and faster as she lit up the stage with her smile and lyrical sound. Following the show, he waited patiently as the swarms of attendees greeted the performers in the church’s foyer, waiting for his moment to say hello. Sergio made his way to Ashley, and she greets him warmly saying “I think I saw you the other night, you must have liked the show!” He says yes and tells her he came back to meet her.  
A year later, in a circle of white hydrangea petals, Sergio got down on one knee and asked Ashley to be his wife. His bride. His forever.
One of my absolute faves!
Their joy with each other is palpable!
Seeing how much Sergio adores Ashley just made my heart so happy. Every chance he could get, he wanted to lift her up and kiss her!
You two are THE sweetest!
The day was overcast with a chance of showers, but the light was soft and dreamy for these two…
Sergio can make Ashley laugh in an instant, and her joy with him is so evident!
We had a few rain drops, but luckily, these two were prepared for anything!
There was one tree blooming and it made the most perfect backdrop for the session!
Oh dear Ashley, you are gorgeous inside and out!
Another favorite!
Safe to say, these two are smitten with each other!
So so honored and excited to be a part of their wedding day and to see the amazing things God has in store for their lives together!!! Congratulations you two!!! xx

A Romantic Engagement Session: Ashley + Sergio

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