It was the weekend and the annual Christmas parade was taking place. The decorated floats, the sounds of the local high school bands playing, and the streets of downtown lined with crowds made the town come alive with holiday cheer. Morgan was driving Santa on the old fire engine when he spotted her among the flock of people and waved. Cassie stood with her daughter, recording the moment as Santa and his driver passed by.  
Months later, Morgan reached out via Facebook to the girl he saw at the parade. Cassie recounts the message, adding how she received his message when she was having a particularly rough day, and how much his words meant to her. After corresponding back and forth, she agreed to meet at the Vista, where they spent their first date talking, dancing to Cottonwood Creek, and playing battleship at his place (I let her win he says ). It was then–seeing Morgan’s clean garage I fell in love, Cassie says laughing. But more than his cleanliness, she loved that he was a man’s man, and it didn’t hurt he was a hot fireman she adds. While she loved all his manliness, her smile put him at ease and her zest for life drew him in.  
Three years later, on a hilltop overlooking the streets of Paris, Morgan got down on one knee and asked Cassie to marry him. There was happy tears, a violinist playing and a Heinken beer man on site for the occasion. It was magical. They watched the sunset and ended the evening under the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower.
Morgan and Cassie are marrying this fall in the town where they first locked eyes, and I couldn’t be more excited to capture their first day as husband and wife!
For their engagement session, we met at one of their friend’s ranch near Mariposa. It was the perfect backdrop for their love…
One of my favorites!
As a photographer, I get to see and capture all kinds of love. Some love is new and exciting, some is quiet and intimate, some is spirited and vibrant. There is all kinds. I loved getting to witness Morgan + Cassie’s love. It was one that I’ll never forget. One that is grateful, one you can feel the joy they have for finding each other in this world.
I loved the hat Cassie brought to the session, it was extra fun to have in the photos!
But seriously, how sweet are these two together?!?
I mean…
The way Morgan looks at Cassie will just melt you into a puddle – its THE sweetest thing!
The light for the session was dreamy and seemed to just make their love shine more…
Another fave!
I’m already SO excited for their wedding because these two have a BLAST together! I’m sensing an epic dance party is in store come October…
And let’s just take a moment to admire the GORGEOUS ring Morgan picked for his bride-to-be…SWOON!
I’ll end with this one because I adore this photo and can’t wait for all that’s in store for this happy couple…

Boho + Lace Engagement Session: Morgan + Cassie

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