If you’ve been following me for awhile, or even the last few days, you probably know by now how much I adore my nieces and nephews! I can never get enough, especially now that I’ve moved to Washington. I just want to bottle them up and squeeze ’em and hold them and keep them little forever. 
Sweet Waylon…I literally can’t believe your already ONE!!! I still remember the day we took his newborn pictures and now can’t believe how big he’s gotten! He is still just as sweet as the day he was born. His white hair and blue eyes melt me. But his laugh is my favorite. Oh, and his profile. And chicklets. And basically everything. Love this sweet nephew of mine…
Can’t even handle his little hair do…too much.
One of my favorites!
His laugh is the best…
Rockin’ the fall weather like…
Move over uber, there is a new driver in town!!!
Happy birthday sweet Waylon! You are so loved!!!

Waylon Jean Tharp: One Year Portraits

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