You guys!!! It’s been WAY, way too long since I’ve blogged. I have like a bazillion shoots I want to share with you so and I’m starting out with these two cuties because OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!! Beck’s little suspenders and blue eyes just melted me! And sweet Irelynn’s hand made moccasins and little pigtails were THE cutest!!!  
Had an absolute blast getting to capture this brother and sister duo together! Especially in the midst of moving and house renos, this session felt like the biggest blessing! Photographing little ones always brings joy and whimsy and adventure into perspective, reminding me how sweet life is when we stop and just PLAY. And see if the flowers smell like ice cream. And be silly, just because. Here are a few of my favorites from my evening with these two cuties!  
Melt my heart. I might have to see if they have these suspenders for Allan…
Sweet, blue-eyed Irelynn
Love love love!
Flower crowns and pigtails and all the giggles!
These two!!!
Would you believe this was totally unprompted?!?
Can’t even deal…
Priceless expression when Beckam smelled the flowers to see if they smelled like ice cream! I’m guessing, no?!??
I’ll end with this one of brother and sister skipping to another adventure. One of my favorites!
Happy Wednesday friends!

Spokane Portraits: Irelynn + Beckam

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