You might remember these cuties from over the years on the blog. Well…a few things have happened since my time with the Anker sisters, first and foremost being: they have a new baby BROTHER!!! Ahhhh, I can’t believe it! And already can’t wait to see these girls love on their new brother!  
But before the dinosaurs and G.I. Joes and frogs officially take over their world of pink and dollies and bows, I wanted to share this session of Camille, Savi, and sweet Taylor! These girls!!! Gosh, I adore their giggles and little (big!) personalities and stories and pigtails!!! Here are a few of my favorites…
Beautiful Camille. Aren’t her eyes amazing?!?
Sweet Taylor and her pigtails…
Darling Savi. Her laugh melts me.
Happy Friday!

Anker Girls: Three Sisters & a Vintage Tricycle

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