Heading to California and reminiscing about my last trip and my time with these THREE brothers!!! They are country boys to the max, give ’em their boots and they are good to go! Let’s just say when they arrived to the session, one (or all) of them had dirt and dust already on their jeans before they left the car! How that’s even possible, I don’t know, but that’s what I love about these boys!!!  
So I met them in their natural habitat, an old barn off a dirt road, THE perfect setting for these cutie country boys! Between Rocky’s smile dimples, Jay’s rosy cheeks, and little Grant’s chocolate brown eyes, the afternoon was FILLED to the brim with FUN!!! Here are a few of my favorites from my shoot with the DeJager boys…
Look at those blue eyes and dimples! Can’t handle!
Grant’s eyes just melt me…
And Jay’s rosy cheeks have always been my favorite thing since he was a baby, and I still love to this day!
How cute are these three?!?
My favorite!
And one with their dad to represent their team!!!
Show me those muscles!!!!
Happy Wednesday all!

DeJager Boys in the Country

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