They attended college together, roaming the same floor of Warren Hall, she in Second East and he in Second South. Their halls would hang out together, so much that the group called themselves ‘The Fam’. Zack noticed Lydia’s smile and was immediately drawn to her warmth and kindness. Meanwhile, Lydia was focused on her academics and clueless to Zack’s many (many!) attempts to ask her out.  
Sophomore year, Lydia started to take note of Zack, but remained hesitant not knowing if he felt the same way still. Even when he volunteered to drive her and a friend all the way to the Seattle airport hours away, she assumed it was just because he was being nice. And while Zack was kind, her friend knew there was more and decided it was time for ‘The Fam’ to intervene. Their mutual friends shared with Zack + Lydia (separately) what together they had known to be true the whole time…they were perfect for each other.  
The following week, their senior year, Zack invited Lydia to get ice cream at the local Milk Bottle for their first date. They ended the evening star gazing, coincidentally on an evening there ‘happened’ to be a meteor shower. She smiles as she tells their first date story, knowing Zack knew all along, just like he knew he wanted to marry her when they first met freshman year.
I met Zack and Lydia in downtown Spokane for their engagement session…the city where they first met and fell in love!
The weather was gloomy all week, but the sun decided to make an appearance for their engagement session and I couldn’t have been more thrilled!
But seriously…how sweet are these two together?!?
Loved spending the afternoon with Zack + Lydia and seeing how much they just genuinely care and love for each other!
One of my faves!
Zack proposed to Lydia on the swinging bridge in downtown Spokane, so it was so fun having such a special place as part of the backdrop!
Just all the heart eyes for these two…
Their love for each other is infectious!
I’m just beyond excited to work with these two for their upcoming wedding at the Lavender Manor this summer!
Pure joy…
Lydia, you are gorgeous!
After a quick outfit change, we headed to the bridge for some sunset portraits…
Back to where he officially asked her to marry him!
Another favorite! Lovelovelove her red heels!
I’ll end with these two sweet photos….because we had ended the session but I couldn’t handle how cute they were being so I got my camera out for a few more!

Spokane Engagement Session: Zack + Lydia

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