One of my favorite things to do every new year is make resolutions! Cliche? Maybe. But I love it. No, I lovelovelooooooove it! It makes my insides happy and my wheels upstairs feel like they’re at Disneyland. I’m still working on my goals for 2015. I know, I know, its February, but who says you can’t make goals in February? Or any month for that matter.  
To help me start, I retrieved my goal list from 2014. I love doing this for several reasons. It’s a way to look at the past year and see what new challenges to set for the new one, as well as time to look back and celebrate the goals you’ve accomplished, the progress you’ve made, and savor the blessings from the previous year. One of my ‘career’ goals last year was to be more intentional about getting to know other locals in the photography and wedding industry. I know this probably seems like a pretty easy goal for some, but as an introvert, this was a big one for me!  
So last March, when I heard a local venue was going to host a bridal fair, I was brought face to face with my goal and knew what I needed to do! That’s the beauty of writing your goals out, they are looking you square in the eyes when you want to run back to your comfort zone. And you know what? Going out of my comfort zone proved to be a HUGE blessing from 2014! I met SO many new, fabulous people in the area that are in the industry, as well as other vendors that have been great resources when referring clients! Another HUGE blessing to me from this event came from raffle. Each vendor was asked to put an item in to be raffled off, throughout the event, to the brides coming to the fair. Amber and Dylan ended up winning the engagement session I entered, and I couldn’t have been more excited!  
So many things to be thankful for from last year and so many things to look forward to in the new year! Here’s to new goals, a new year, and living outside the comfort zone!
Following the bridal fair, I corresponded back and forth with Amber to schedule an engagement session which proved to be a bit tricky since her and Dylan are long-distance as Dylan played for the Ray’s AA baseball team! Being in a long-distant relationship myself, I have a definite appreciation for those you are willing to distant like these two with their cross-country relationship! Pretty amazing! 
And a fun fact, since our session, Dylan was invited to Tampa Bay Rays spring training! Congrats Dylan!!!
Dylan was back for a short break and we were able to sneak in an engagement session while he was! And let me tell you, the wait was worth it!
I met Dylan + Amber at one of my favorite places to shoot, a ranch just on the outskirts of Chowchilla. The light was just gorgeous!
I loved getting a chance to meet these two, especially since their time together is so precious!
Their love story began six years ago, at a football game. She was a junior in high school, and he was a senior. She says they couldn’t be more opposite. But Amber says its his carefree, fun personality that she loves most about him. 
Last year, while vacationing with family, Dylan planned a surprise proposal for Amber. And just like most planned things, things didn’t work out exactly as planned. But as the sun set and the camp fire roared, Dylan got on one knee and asked Amber to marry him!
Love the color in this one!
Two of my faves!
Dylan and Amber, congratulations on your love!!! I loved my time with you two and am so grateful I had the opportunity to meet you both! Wishing you the best as you plan your fabulous wedding this fall!

country engagement session: Dylan + Amber

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