It wasn’t your ordinary meeting–like at a coffee shop, or at a party all dressed-up, or through friends. No no. Nick and Fran met at 5:30…in the morning!!! They were both attending the morning class at their local CrossFit at the time, and though they both went to the same class, they didn’t talk much in that early morning hour.  
Until, that is, Francesca stopped showing up at the morning workouts. She had left for South America. It was then Nick found himself taking note of her absence. And in a ‘friendly’ Facebook message, he inquired as to when she might be returning.  
Four months later, Francesca returned home and the two met up. By the end of the first date together, we just knew they said. The two have been inseparable since, and are getting married THIS Saturday!!! I’m incredibly excited to be photographing their wedding day and the extraordinary love they have for each other! 
Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement session before they say I DO!!!
We started the engagement session at Francesca’s family’s almond orchards in Le Grand. How gorgeous are these blooms?!?
A perfect backdrop for their love…
There love for each other is palpable. Like no matter what happens, nothing matters cause they are by each other…
Lovelovelove Francesca’s ring!
Francesca brought this blanket to the shoot, a purchase while on her trip in South America. I love this, especially because that trip is so intertwined in their love story!
One of my favorites!
These two just light up when they are by each other…
Beautiful light + love
After portraits in the orchard, we headed to an open field nearby to catch the sun setting and I’m so glad we did!!! The light was gorgeous shining on these two!
Love this one of Nick on the left as his bride-to-be is gushing over how handsome he is!!
Holy gorgeousness!
Stop it. You two. Too much!!!
End with this one of these two…all wrapped up in each other’s arms + love…

An Orchard Bloom Engagement Session: Nick + Francesca

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