They attended the same high school in the same small town. They shared mutual friends, but they were mostly friends of friends. It wasn’t until 12 years later their paths would intersect. Kerry was attending a dinner event that Jimmy Joe also happened to be at. Through a shared mutual friend, they were reintroduced and Kerry asked if he remembered her from high school. He told her he would never forget a pretty face like hers. That line, he claims, sealed the deal. 
One and half years later, the two were heading to a dinner together. Kerry was just putting the finishing touches to her outfit together when Jimmy Joe got down on one knee and asked her if she would want to wear an extra piece of jewelry for the night. 
I couldn’t be more excited for these two and to share a few of my favorites from my engagement session with these two…especially since they will be tying the knot TOMORROW!!!
We met up in Farmington for the engagement session on THE most gorgeous, perfect day! The hills were green as could be and the sky was just the most beautiful blue! It was just the most gorgeous backdrop for these two + their love…
These two…
I cannot even tell you how much this man adores this woman…its really the sweetest thing…
One of my favorites!
Kerry, you are gorgeous!!!
Is there anything better than a cowboy hat at sunset?!?
Wishing you two the MOST amazing wedding day and most especially, a lifetime of love and laughter shared together!

Farmington Engagement Session: Jimmy Joe + Kerry

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