“Did you find everything okay today?” she asked, as she rang up the pair of socks he brought to her register. Chris nodded and joked how he should have had his brother get him the socks since he worked at Sports Authority too. Chelsie explained she knew his brother, Ryan, from work, and continued to proceed through the checkout. 
A few days later, Chelsie received a text message asking if ‘Ryan’s brother’ could have her number. Remembering the ‘cute guy and his expensive pair of socks’ from the other day, she happily agreed. Later the following week, the two met for dinner. Chris’s original plan fell through, and the two ended up at In-N-Out. Chelsie ordered her usual cheeseburger with meat, cheese and bread only and turned to Chris and said “I’m kinda picky.” He smiled, walked to the counter and said, “I’ll have the exact same thing…just make it a double double.” 
They sat and talked for hours. What started as a simple transaction for a pair of socks soon became a bond between two hearts. Five years later, Chris surprised Chelsie atop China Peak, and got down on his knee and asked her to spend forever together. 
I was thrilled to capture this amazing couple in Yosemite National Park a few months back. It was the perfect reflection to their proposal story and also their shared love of the outdoors.
How sweet are these two?!?
One of my favorites!
Another one of my faves!
I think Half Dome knew Chris + Chelsie were coming…look at it showin’ off all pretty for them!
Oh Chelsie, you are GORGEOUS!
Chris and Chelsie are getting married TOMORROW at the gorgeous Wolf Lakes in Clovis, California – can’t wait!!!
Beyond excited to capture your first day as husband and wife TOMORROW!!!

Yosemite national park engagement session chris + chelsie

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