They grew up in small towns not far from each other, and even crossed paths during summers spent at hi camp. But it wasn’t until they both decided to attend Dordt college nearly 2,000 miles away in an even smaller town of Sioux Center, Iowa that the two would fall in love.  
Unbeknownst to Rachel, she had already caught Jordan’s eye on campus. And coincidentally, his roommate was dating her roommate at the time so when they would get together, Jordan would put in a special request to have Rachel come with her roommate. Slowly and surely though, Rachel began to notice Jordan’s nearness. But just to be sure her intuition wasn’t playing tricks on her, while with a group of friends, she left an open seat beside her to see if he’d come sit next to her. He found his way to her that night, and into her heart forever.  
Two years later, on bended knee, Jordan asked Rachel if she would stay forever by his side and in just a few days, Rachel and Jordan will be ringing in 2017 and the beginning of their forever together with an amazing New Year’s Eve wedding celebration! I am so honored to be documenting their day, and wanted to share a few of my favorites from their engagement session before these two officially say I DO! Here are a few of my favorites…
Rachel’s blue eyes are stunning, but I assure you no one on this planet adores them (or her!) more than Jordan…
Only eyes for each other!
I love how Jordan can bring a smile to Rachel’s face at any given moment!
When I asked them what they were most looking forward to about marriage, they both said being able to do life together by each other’s side.
How gorgeous is her ring?!? You did GOOD Jordan. Real good!
One of my favorties!
Pretty sure almond blossoms + love are the perfect match!
If love had a face, I’m pretty sure this would be it…
Rachel, you are beautiful!!!
Seriously adore these two!
A quick outfit change to catch the last bit of sunset…pretty sure Jordan could have held this pose for hours!
I’ll end with this…so excited to capture all their love + joy in just a few days!

An Almond Blossom Engagement: Jordan + Rachel

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