They met in high school. He was a senior, and she was the new girl in town. Her family had just moved up to the mountains and Drew was assigned to give her a tour of her new school since he was a TA.  
It wasn’t till two years later, Drew ran into Jennifer again at the local boardshop where she was working at the time. He found out she wake-boarded too and invited her to the lake with him. Somewhere between the lake and their shared love of the great outdoors, grew a friendship between Jennifer and Drew that eventually turned into a first date that began a love story ten years in the making, only a mountain top could cap…. 
So on the day before Valentines, they boarded their way down the snowy slopes of Badger Pass. Drew raced ahead to the bottom while Jen shimmied her way down, making sure everyone was in tow. Little did she know, they were all waiting for HER! As she came around the last part of the hill, Drew, with all their family and friends came into view. With the ring in hand, Drew dropped to one knee just as Jennifer reached the bottom of the hill and asked her to marry him…
With their shared love of the great outdoors, it seemed fitting to have beautiful Yosemite as the setting for their engagement portraits…
I absolutely LOVED Jen’s outfit for the shoot! Not only did it reflect her personality perfectly, it reminded me of a Carrie Bradshaw outfit – double love!!
So much love for these two!
One of my favorites!
Extra extra grateful for fosse two lovebirds who recently survived a head-on car collision. God definitely had HIs arms of protection around them that morning and I am so os thankful!!!
Me and You. You and Me…
So sweet!
Oh, just lookin’ extra pretty with Half Dome …
Can’t wait for Drew + Jen’s wedding at Hidden Hollow in May!!! Going to be such an amazing day!!!
The beautiful bride-to-be!!!
You are so gorgeous, Jen! Especially so on your man’s arm…
Another favorite!
A love story spanning a decade, and the best is yet to come!!!
Happy weekend all!

A Yosemite National Park Engagement: Drew + Jennifer

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