Her green eyes and long dark hair garnered his attention as she sat quietly across the room listening to his band play. He shook his head and denied interest, reminding himself of a promise he’d made for no distractions this year. With that, he returned to his guitar and played, doing his best to ignore her presence from his mind. But his efforts were quickly challenged when he was given a piece of paper, a small square with a number and name…Kayla.  
Resolute to his ‘no distraction’ rule, Anthony decided not to call. He was determined to remain focused and steadfast to his academics and band. As fate would have it, their paths crossed again. This time, the quiet girl with green eyes spoke, and Anthony learned she too shared his strong values for education and family. His stringent rule began to bend and his heart began to soften to the idea of Kayla. 
Nearly ten years after their first encounter, Anthony booked the biggest gig of his life when he proposed to Kayla and she happily said YES! These two are planning the most amazing wedding at The Century this fall and I can’t wait for all that’s in store for these two!
They planned their engagement session on the beautiful California Coast in Monterey, the perfect backdrop for these two!
We met at a coffee shop in Monterey and I was so excited when I saw these colorful murals nearby! A perfect ode to the beginning of their love story…
Love me some bowtie action! Yes, please!
After a little music and fun, we headed to a nearby park where we found the most gorgeous Spanish moss and light!
One of my favorites!
Kayla, you are gorgeous!
These two are seriously dreamy!
Be still my heart, I can hardly handle all this goodness!
And just as the sun began to set over the Pacific, we found our way to the ocean’s edge for a few more portraits…
These two…
Is their anything better than a sunset on the beach?!?
I’ll end with this sweet one walking hand-n-hand…can’t wait to document them in October walking hand-n-hand as Mr. and Mrs.!!!

A Monterey Engagement Session: Anthony + Kayla

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