She swore she’d never forgive her friend for getting her into the whole thing. Against her will, Cassie was volunteered to take one of the nominees from Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity to the formal. No, no she wouldn’t be nervous she told herself, it’s not like you’re seeing the guy, you are just going to formal with him. Heck, she thought, I’ll probably never see him after this. So…no pressure, right? Despite her nerves, the evening went off without a hitch. In fact, the two exchanged numbers and promised they’d hang out soon again.  
Less than a week later, Johnny called Cassie and asked her on their first official date.  
Johnny loved how passionate Cassie was at whatever she set her mind to, and she was drawn to Johnny’s selflessness and the way he always would help others and her. She especially loved how seamlessly he fit into her large, crazy family that she holds so dearly. While he knew she was the one when he couldn’t think about anything but her while on his beloved backpacking trip.  
Years later, at Oats Peak in Montana de Oro, Johnny asked Cassie to marry him. What he’d promise her was just a brisk two-hour hike to the top turned into the beginning of their forever together. They’re planning an amazing wedding this June, and I couldn’t be happier to be working with such a wonderful, loving couple!
I met Cassie and Johnny at a ranch in the outskirts of Merced for their engagement session which turned out to be the perfect backdrop for these two!
Two of my faves!
These two…
Cassie, you are seriously gorgeous!
Even though they love to hike and see new places, their favorite place to be is at home together, making dinner with a good bottle of wine. I can definitely get behind that!
Loveloveloved Cassie’s pop of teal, but what was even sweeter was the way her nose crinkles up when Johnny makes her smile…
A little water in our path?? No problem!!
It is seriously sweet to see how much Johnny loves Cassie…
And just as the sun was setting, we headed to a nearby rustic red barn for just a few more…
Just love these two and can’t wait for them to say “I Do” in June!!!

A Rustic, Country Engagement Session: Johnny + Cassie

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