For me, one of my most favorite things about photography is getting to meet new people, and getting to know their story. Because I believe your story is what makes you YOU. Its the behind-the-scenes, if you will, to why one wears an old cowboy hat to their senior portraits or why one beams with joy as he grabs her hand or why one holds on extra tight to their little one or why a friend comes to help a friend with her makeup. Its all those little things. The things that become and create your story. 
So today, I’m shakin’ it up a bit on the blog here and sharing a few things you may not know about me! A few little things that make me me. Not going to lie, I was a bit nervous about this, but if I’ve learned anything this past year, its be YOU. So…I polled my sisters and a few of my past roommates for a little input which turned into a VERY long list of LOTS of embarrassing stories!!! So…to maintain SOME of my dignity (lol!!), below is just a few things to get to know me a bit better!
Ten Things You Didn’t Know… 
1. I’m an introvert. Most people don’t believe me on this one, probably because of my ridiculously loud laugh and voice! I’m convinced growing up in a big family taught me to function more ‘extroverted’ though. You have to speak up or you might lose your turn at the table, you know?! But secretly I find my energy in the quiet, a hearty one-on-one conversation with a friend, or getting lost in a book.  
2. My nickname is: Wheehee or ‘Whee’. This all came about way back when my youngest sister, Gina, was little and she couldn’t quite pronounce Lisa right…so ‘Wheehee’ started. I have no idea exactly where THAT derived from, but it stuck! In fact, my family and a lot of people I grew up with still refer to me as ‘Whee’ when they see me. Even my coaches in high school referred to me as ‘Whee’ on the volleyball court! 
3. I am NOT one with nature. You know the movie Failure To Launch where everything seems to go awry for him outdoors?? Yeah, kind of like that. I am pretty sure every trip I’ve been on with someone, I (not them!) end up with something like oh say — getting attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes, or getting kicked by a deer, or getting stung by a jelly fish (twice!), or swelling up like Will Smith in Hitch when I pet the cute mini-horse! All true! But I’m working on making peace with nature, someday (fingers crossed)!!! 
4. I name my cars and external hard drives. The hard drive naming started because I need several to back up my photos, and needed a way to reference them and so the birth of Thomas, Antonio, Haus, Gabe, Titus, Jericho, Axel, Comrad, Don, and Draper came into being! Oh yes, and my vehicle’s name is Kevin! And my most favorite thing is going to my sister’s house when her 3-year-old asks me if Kevin is there too : ). 
5. Cheese and Chocolate are my weakness. I’m quite convinced at this point in my life I could survive of those two things and those two things alone!  
6. Huge fan of the TV show, Homeland! Sometimes I want to reach through the TV and shake Carrie because she drives me crazy, but I love it! It’s so intense, I can’t wait for the new season to start in 10 days!!! But really, who’s counting?!? 
7. Two of my biggest fears are Weed Eaters + Small Spaces. Totally random, I know! I love mowing the lawn and having a beautiful yard, but am seriously scared of weed eaters and will run like a cheetah at the sound of one. My fear of small spaces first took flight going up the St. Louis Arc. Oh yes, my heart is beating fast just at the thought!!! Thankfully, my mom shares my phobia of small spaces so I have a buddy that opts out with me on cave crawling and such on family vacations!  
8. Letters are my love language. Call me old-school, but writing or receiving letters is one of my favorite things. I love the expression, the exchange, and the timelessness of it. How it can be preserved. Some of the most meaningful gifts to me, as well as some of my favorite moments shooting weddings, have come through the exchange of letters. To think how someday their kids kids kids get to read this love letter…ahhh–gets me every time!  
9. I hate filling my car up with gas. Eeeee, this is SO bad, I know because its something that HAS to be done, but I find it soooooooo tedious + avoid it like the plague!!! It is not uncommon for ‘Kevin’ to be running on E which has yes, occasionally, gotten me into some predicaments! 
10. I LOVE to travel. I grew up camping + definitely credit my parents for instilling a sense of adventure in me! No matter where we went, there was always a new adventure whether it was body surfing in the ocean, or riding donkeys through Bryce Canyon, or meeting new people in the Amish Country of Lancaster! I am currently saving (and dieting) for a future trip to Italy, and am already excited for the gelato and pizza…and of course, the sights too! : ) 
Happy Friday all!  

10 Things You Didn’t Know…

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