Happy November friends!!! I feel like I’m coming back to life over here (very appropriate post-Halloween dontcha think…wink wink) and out from under the fog of sickness that held me captive this past weekend! Fresh air – woo hoo! Secretly, I think my body just knew how busy November is going to be and decided to shut me down for a few days. And although my plans were otherwise, I am learning to LISTEN when my body and soul are asking for rest. So hard sometimes, right? But rest is good, and often times THE best medicine. 
So I settled into my trusty yoga pants and committed to REST which turned into a whole lot of Food Network watching which turned into me basically becoming besties with Ina, Ree, and Trisha which naturally followed with some baking time in the kitchen! (P.S. I consider baking relaxing too!) So today, I wanted to share a delicious recipe with you to kick off the week and new month!  
I first had one of these delicious scones at a baby shower a few months back and was hooked from its yummy, delicious aroma coming from the oven when we arrived! And the scone was just as good as it smelled! Warm, buttery goodness with chunks of cinnamon….seriously just melts in your mouth! So delicious and a perfect treat to pair with the cooler fall weather! Click HERE for the recipe!!!
Just a note before you make, I couldn’t find cinnamon chips in our local grocery store so ordered them on Amazon instead! Although it might be something in stock for the upcoming holiday seasons – fingers crossed!
Happy Monday!

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