The countdown is officially on!!! T-minus 11 days until Christmas is HERE!! Whoo hoo!!! There are so many things that make this time of year my favorite and gift-giving happens to be one of my MOST favorite things to do! This might be in part due to the fact ‘Gifts’ is one of my love languages, but either way, I love finding unique and thoughtful gifts to give at Christmas time! 
I don’t know about you, but this year has been a bit crazy so I’m relying (ahem) heavily on my Amazon Prime two-day shipping to help me with all my last-minute shopping! Eek! As I’m wrapping up my lists of gifts for the people I love, I wanted to share a few of my most favorites things to get this season with you!
1. SQIRL PRESERVES: Yum yum yum! I was first introduced to Sqirl about a year ago while in L.A. with a friend. I had a heavenly breakfast there, and walked away with several of their delicious house-made preserves as a result! Their flavors + flavor combos are delicious so I was e-e-e-e-escaticly delighted to discover their online shop! A fun, flavorful gift for the foodies in your life! 
2. 2016 PLANNER: If you know me, you know I LOVE me a good planner! And I love this playful design by Paper Source. Depending on who you are shopping for, they have several designs ranging from plain to personalized to simple calendar datebooks or daily task planners!  
3. JELINA CHOCOLATE: I mean, who wouldn’t want chocolate in their stocking?!? This Canadian-based chocolatier has all sorts of fun flavors to satisfy any chocolate lover’s desires. Their online store doesn’t ship to the U.S. buuuuuut you can find them on Amazon if you wanted to add some sweetness to your holiday!  
4. SAVON DE MARSEILLE HAND SOAP: I remember getting soap as a gift when I was younger and thinking ‘Huh? Why would someone give me soap as a gift??’ Well, kick my butt to now and I am soooo one of those soap gifters! I love finding a really good soap and I am obsessed with this Rose soap!  
5. FLOWERBOMB ROLLERBALL PERFUME: One of THE essentials in my purse. Whether I’m out and about or traveling, its my secret weapon for smelling fresh! And…they have a huge selection of rollerball fragrances at Sephora right now to find the perfect scent for your giftee : ) 
6. GOLD CAMERA PAPER CLIPS: My cousin gave these DARLING gold camera paper clips to me for my birthday and I just adore them! They have lots of cute shapes and themes…a fun gift for a photographer in your life or cyclist, or dog lover, or man friend…the list is endless! 
7. DAVID’S TEA: I love the idea of getting a gift to ‘fills someone’s cup’…cheesy? Perhaps. But I am all for cheesy, especially around Christmas! And David’s Tea has a winter + holiday collection of teas like ‘Snow Day’ and ‘Glitter & Gold’ that are sure to bring warmth + cheer to any cup you fill! 
8. THE BEST YES: Yes yes yes to this book! Whether you are a busy mama, a college student, working, or are overwhelmed with the demands of a busy schedule, this book is such a beautiful reminder of grace + love in the midst of life’s demands. And a double bonus, if you purchase this book, you get to help an amazing cause simultaneously!  
Happy Monday all! And cheers to all you last-minute shoppers out there (I’m with you!)

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