Hello. It’s me.  
Can you hear me? 
I’m in California dreaming… 
Okay, so I’m actually in Washington, but who doesn’t love a little Adele intro?? I’ve taken some time off for my annual hibernating which is why its been a little quiet on the homefront over here, but I’m back at it and excited to share some exciting things that have been happening lately!  
But first (as promised), I wanted to share with you Part II of my Paris trip! This trip holds such a special place in my heart, and in many ways, more so this year than the year we went. It reminds me to keep dreaming! Even when its hard or when others tell you ‘no way’. Even when it seems too big and out of reach. Keep dreaming. Keep pressing forward!  
This is my hope for you, for me…to KEEP dreaming. Whether thats a job, a trip, a baby, love, a new home….whatever it is for you, please don’t stop! Dream big and keep running towards those dreams.
Is this not the cutest cheese platter you ever did see?!?
The Versailles NIght Fountain and Firework Show was unreal!!!
A spectacular end to a spectacular trip!

to paris with love part two provence eze versailles fountain and fireworks show dream big keep dreaming

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