I am shamelessly smitten with my nieces and nephews. I can’t help it. They just melt my heart with their cuteness and little personalities. It’s like my love tank has a special compartment specifically designated for them!  
It is for this reason I couldn’t be more excited for today’s post because I get to introduce you to my NEW nephew!!! Meet the newest member of our family, Carson Michael Tharp. Oh my goodness, he is SO precious! I love his little scowl, his round little chin, his precious button nose, and his blonde wispy hair. Here he is at just eight days old, weighing a little over seven pounds…
Little man being held by his dad…
My sister Cari got this hat from Etsy. Is it not the darndest thing you’ve ever seen?!?
Big brother Boston giving love to his new brother. Oh sweetness!
My Favorite!
Many congratulations and blessing to my sister and brother on their newest addition to their family! Carson is absolutely precious and oh so loved!
Love you Carson,  
Your proud Tante Lisa

carson michael tharp newborn portraits

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