We met at UC Berkeley to document their engagement portraits. I arrived early to get a lay-of-the-land, and Jeff and Jamie arrived shortly there after via golf cart. As we zipped through the campus grounds, it was clear to see these two felt at home there. It seemed befitting, for this was not only their shared alma mater, but also the place where they first met, nearly twelve years ago… 
It happened poolside. Jeff was a freshmen, just beginning his collegiate water polo career at UC Berkeley, and Jamie was there on a recruiting trip. They met. However, their paths wouldn’t meet again until the following year, when Jamie joined the women’s water polo team at UC Berkeley. With their mutual collegiate sport, the two often found themselves amongst each other, running in similar circles, but always just remained friends.  
A couple years later with diplomas in hand, the two found themselves reunited amongst friends one night, out in the city. They danced the night away and shared a kiss on the dance floor. A kiss that lingered on Jeff. But the two went their separate ways after that night, but remained friends still, casually corresponding here and there through email or Facebook. 
Three years following, a mutual friend persuaded Jamie to join her on a trip to Rio de Janeiro. In a fateful turn of events, Jeff and Jamie found themselves, once again, reunited internationally where Jeff happened to be playing for a professional water polo team at the time. It was somewhere on that continent, between the Galeao airport and the beaches of Buzio, when time stood perfectly still…just for a moment and just for them.
Twelve years later, with a love story spanning oceans, continents, and college days, Jeff and Jamie are saying forever, surrounded by their friends and family at her family’s home in Merced TOMORROW. Ahhhh – can’t wait!!!!
It’s always fun to document engagement portraits for couples, and this was especially neat, capturing these two where their story first began…at the most gorgeous UC Berkeleyf campus…
Love this!
The gorgeous bride-to-be!
One of my favorites because this, to me, is totally them: walking side by side, hand and hand, totally wrapped up in their own world of happy: together.
After portraits around campus, we headed to the University’s new gym and enjoyed views of the city. So amazing!!!
Jeff + Jamie, it was such a honor documenting your love in the city where your story begin, andI can’t wait to capture your beautiful wedding day THIS weekend!!!

UC Berkeley Engagement Session: Jeff + Jamie

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