Oh, you know…I was just a wee bit excited for this session. Okay, If I’m being totally honest, there may have been a pre AND post happy dance that happened. There you have it – all my secrets! No, but for realsies, this session was such a blessing!  
Not only was this my first family session in Spokane, it was with THIS amazing family!!! I adore the Cope family for many reasons…1) They are related to my brother-in-law, Eli 2) Because they happen to live about 30 miles from us in Spokane and 3) Because Brooke and Maddy are FULLY on board with me to get my sister/ brother-in-law / nephews up here!!! I mean, three gals scheming together is basically an army right there, am I right?! I think what truly impressed me most with this family though was their togetherness. It made my heart so happy to see the comradery between them all. There were no cell phones or one man wolf packs going on. It was present. Engaged. And genuine. Their togetherness was noted in my mind, and stored in my ‘someday if we have kids, I want that’ box.  
Thank you Cope Family for the FUN (and cold!!!) shoot in Spokane! Here are just a few favorites from my session with these four…
Beautiful Mattisyn! This girl is ridiculously gorgeous and TALL! It was no surprise she is the middle hitter on her volleyball team!
The fall colors were INCREDIBLE around our neighborhood!
These two made my day! I mean, can you get better than these smiles?!?
These two have something special and I felt lucky to capture it under a sea of falling leaves…
I asked Damen if he has to be super stealth and quiet when he hunts with his dad. His mom and dad laughed and said, it’s a real problem. With which Damen quickly and cleverly responded, “Hey, I still got the elk didn’t I?”  
Why I love the Cope Family: Reason #479
for the last part of the shoot, we headed down to the Little Spokane River and it was SO gorgeous!
I have to end on this one cause this is how we ended our time together – a little celebratory throwing of the leaves!

Spokane Family Portraits: The Cope Family

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