When Allan and I got married this past July, I inherited a pretty fantastic family along with him! He comes from a family of four siblings like me, each with amazing families of their own. And now, between the two of us, we share twenty-six nieces and nephews!!! To say the least, our family get togethers are loud and a whole lot of crazy!!! But the best kind of crazy…and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! 
So I am so excited to share my session with my now sister-in-law and her sweet family from the other weekend! It was such a joy getting to capture them all together, especially at their place. Their family grows wine grapes (and makes some delicious wine too!) which just made the most perfect, gorgeous setting for their beautiful family!! Love this family so much…enjoy just a few of my favorites from my time with the Newhouse family!
Meet Brielle. She is the oldest of their five and seriously gorgeous. And sweet. Hard-working. Thoughtful. And kind.
My favorite!
And this is Levi. He is awesome. A golfer. And has a real big heart for others.
Oh, and super awesome hair too…
And this is Myles. I’m pretty sure he is going to be a pro-athlete someday. But in the meantime, he gives Allan a pretty good run for his money with fantasy football.
And has rad hair too…
And their Gage. Sweet Gage!!! Love this kid. He has the best heart in the whole world…
And their youngest, baby Chase. When I first met Allan, Chase barely had hair and now she is playing basketball, going to school, and has her hair in ponytails!!!! It’s been so fun seeing her grow up over the years, and getting to take pictures just made my heart so full!
Another favorite!
Oh these two make my heart happy!
Oh love!!!
Gorgeous Amber!
How gorgeous is this family and background?!?
Love these girls!
My favorite!
I’ll end with this one…at their beautiful home. Together.
Happy Wednesday all!

Washington Wine Country: Newhouse Family Portraits

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