The story varies depending on who you’re talking to. There is a his and her version to all great love stories. Paul claims they met back in 1996 when his Grandpa was visiting from the Azores, and they went over to visit her parents. Allison can’t seem to place Paul anytime before junior high, but remembers meeting him then through mutual Portuguese friends. But it wasn’t until their high school years, Paul began pursuing Allison.  
Thankfully, Paul was persistent in his pursuit to win her heart because it wasn’t until their college years Allison says she ‘came to her senses’. Despite their varying stories of when they met, Paul and Allison both agree they knew they had found something special in one another. But it wasn’t until an ocean and a little scheming between Paul and her dad for Allison to realize Paul was ‘the one’. She was to be leaving on a family vacation to the Azores, and the thought of being away from Paul left her in tears. Unbeknownst to her, there was a surprise awaiting her in Portugal!  
Seeing him standing there, she knew then, “I’m going to marry this man.” And on a Christmas Eve day, Paul got on one knee and asked Allison to be his wife. I couldn’t be more excited to be photographing Paul + Allison’s wedding this fall, and excited to share with you a few of my favorites from their Yosemite engagement session!
Paul said his first impression of Allison was she was someone he could see himself with the rest of his life…
And her first impression was that he was a nice, Portuguese boy that was also quite handsome. He just might be perfect.
So much love for you two!
The gorgeous bride-to-be!
With their love of travel, Yosemite was the perfect backdrop for their engagement portraits!
Since one of their favorite activities is to cuddle, it seemed only right to do a little cuddling in the mountains!
One of my favorites EVER!
They were just 18 when they started dating and now they have forever together in their sights! Pretty sure the smiles say it all!
Every time I look at this photo I think, I can’t wait for when someday Paul and Allison have grandkids and they get to see these pictures and the love these two share.
Oh, you two! You are making Half Dome look extra pretty!
And just as the sun was beginning to set, we headed to Tunnel View to grab a few more portraits!
The most amazing views with an even more amazing couple!
I’ll end with this one because it might just be might favorite photo to date. And this couple? Just as amazing as the backdrop.
Happy Wednesday friends!

Yosemite National Park Engagement: Paul + Allison

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