Her sister asked if she would be open to getting to know someone new. Normally she was reluctant to this type of thing, but something kept her from saying no. Why Not?, she thought. Blong joked he had his work cut out for him because See hardly responded to his Facebook messages, but he remained persistent and eventually asked for her number. 
See knew there was something special about Blong. The way he spoke about his dad. The way he held her hand while he prayed. The way he matched his shoes to his shirts. The way he came to her rescue to change her flat tire after just having driven 7 hours himself. It was the something she’d been waiting a lifetime for… 
And on a visit to see him in Milwaukee, See found herself caught in the midst of a snowstorm. Little did she know it wasn’t the storm that would blow her away. Waiting on one knee with a square box in hand, was Blong. They’re planning a wedding in California for this fall, and I couldn’t be more excited to document their beginning of forever together.
With Blong living in Wisconsin, See in California, and me in Washington, I was a bit worried about being able to coordinate our schedules for an engagement session. As luck would have it though, See and Blong were coming to Spokane for her cousin’s wedding!!! How crazy amazing is that?!?
With all the colors of summer in full swing around here, Manito Park served as the perfect backdrop for these two!
One of my favorites!
Gorgeous, beautiful See!
Since Blong + See share a long distance relationship between Milwaukee and Sacramento, it was easy to see how they were soaking up every minute while together…
There was a myriad of people at the park, but honestly, these two only had eyes for each other…
Thank you two for putting up with my crazy idea to jump in the planter to capture this photo, and dislodge me from the rose bushes! I stand by my word: this photo was totally worth it!
I’ll end with this one because its one of my favorites. And more than anything, I love how much fun these two have together!
Happy Wednesday all!

Manito Park Spokane Engagement: Blong + See

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