His cousin talked her into going, and told Donnie she was coming with a friend she wanted him to meet. The minute he opened the door, Sammie noticed his pearly whites. Being a dental hygienist student, teeth were something she took notice of. And his? Well, they were perfect. 
First impressions led to a first date. And it was then, when he arrived to pick her up for their date and came to the door to meet her parents when Sammie knew he could be the one. His chivalry was winning her heart. And on a trip to her most favorite place, Disneyland, he asked for her heart forever. Together, they are planning a wedding next year and a lifetime of happily ever afters.
Seeing the love between these two was seriously the sweetest…
Love like this needs a forever. Am I right?
My favorite!
He lets her listen to Taylor Swift in the car and she says its just another reason she loves him so.
But their favorite place to be? At home, making pizza or tacos together, snuggled up on the couch.
I’ll end with this one of the sweetest couple. The sweetest love. And wishing them the sweetest happily ever after.

A Backyard Engagement Session: Donnie + Sammi:

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