They attended the same high school, roamed the same hallways and even knew of each another, but their paths never quite overlapped. Until, that is,Tanner shared a class with one of her friends freshman year. Her friend gave him her number and Tanner sent Mady a text, not revealing who he was at the time. It didn’t take long for her to put the puzzle pieces together, however, and before the day was over, the two had began talking 24/7.  
They dated on and off throughout high school, and eventually went their separate ways after graduation, but remained friends, always staying connected through social media and texts.  
Four years later, on a whim, Mady asked Tanner if he’d want to catch up sometime. Perhaps it was the fact that he drove two hours to ‘catch up’ or the delicious sushi they shared, but both agree it was the that date that changed everything. The rest, they say, is history.
Tanner and Mady live in Seattle, but decided to have their wedding in Spokane, the city where they first met and fell in love…
It seemed only fitting to have their engagement session in a place they both hold so dear!
We started the engagement session in downtown Spokane where it seemed the light was just illuminating their love for each other…
I am beyond honor and excited to be working with these two as they plan their upcoming wedding at the Chateau Rive next year…
Holy beautiful, Mady, you are gorgeous!!!!
And Tanner, you are looking mighty dapper too!
And the two of you? You’re perfect. Truly. Made for each other.
One of the sweetest parts of the engagement session was seeing how much Tanner and Mady adore each other…
Love in black and white is always romantic to me.
As the sun began to set, we headed down by the river for a few more portraits at sunset…
One of my favorites!
These two are just the sweetest together, am I right or am I right?!?
When Mady told me they were going to bring champagne along to the shoot, I knew I was in for a epic engagement shoot!!!
I’ll end of this sweet note because I just love these two and love their love for each other! Can’t wait for September!!!
Happy Wednesday all!

A Spokane Engagement Session: Tanner + Mady

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