A mutual friend recommended her to him for a partner. An ice skating partner, that is. They were both in Myrtle Beach at the time for work, and he was looking for a pair partner for the show.  
Sean and Kristin met on the first day of rehearsals, and began skating together the same day. After months of working virtually 24/7 with each other, they realized they had much more in common than just their professions. Sean eventually worked up the courage and asked Kristin on a date. Kristin lovingly describes it as a “super date” since he planned shopping, a visit to the aquarium, dinner, and ice cream for them. She said the whole thing was just fun, and Sean was easy to be around. Sean said he knew then she was the one. 
Together, they’re planning a beautiful wedding at the Spokane Club next year surrounded by friends and family who have watched their love blossom on and off the ice. I am beyond excited to work with this amazing couple, and was honored to have documented their sweet love in Spirit Lake, Idaho this past month!
They share such a genuine and real love that beamed brighter than the water’s reflection…
One of my favorites from the shoot!
A Winter Wonderland just for two…
But seriously, the way Kristin and Sean look at each other will just melt your heart.
Sean is originally from Canada so basically this shoot just reaffirmed my belief that Canadians are THE nicest people ever!
I think Kristin agrees too!
Since Sean and Kristin are professional ice skaters, I figured a little lift in the snow was no big thing!
Another favorite!
The backdrop of Spirit Lake was BEYOND stunning…
And even though their job takes them all over the world, home is wherever they are together…with their two mini Huskies, Layla and Riley.
And as the light began to fade, a warm fire and hot buttered rum were just the thing to help cozy up a bit!
An amazing couple with an amazing love makes for one truly memorable engagement session! Cheers you two!
Happy Friday!

a winter wonderland engagement in spirit lake idaho: Sean + Kristin

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