Happy Friday all!!! Kicking off the weekend here with some VERY serious sweetness and sharing some of my favorites from my session with the Anker sisters!!! I got together with these three cuties last time I was down in California and had SUCH a blast!!!  
I was SO happy to be able to sneak in a session with them while I was visiting because holy cow, they are growing SO much!!! Last time I saw little Taylor, she was this little bitty baby and now, she is walking!!! And just absolutely squeezable with her little roly-poly arms and leggies, I can hardly handle it! Let’s just say between Taylor’s little baby steps and Savi’s stories about what kind of ice cream giraffes eat to Camille’s pink nail polish, there was no shortage of laughs during this session!!!
Seriously, how cute is little Taylor with her pink shoes + dress?!?
And miss Savi…her stories are the best!!!
Sweet sisters!
I’m pretty sure this is when she was telling me that giraffes like to eat chocolate ice cream!
Cutie Camille and her pink nails…
One of my favorites of Camille…
Love her!
Cutest little butter ball I ever did see!
Love her baby blues!
I mean…these three put the CUTE in cuteness!
Happy weekend all!

Anker Girls in the Country

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