“Guess what?’ I asked, as we walked hand-in-hand to dinner the other night, “We live here.” I find myself posing this question to Allan quite regularly now. Mostly to remind myself of our new reality and home… 
We moved to Spokane a little over a month ago, and its still sinking in. From getting married In July followed by our honeymoon to Italy to packing up and finding a new place in Spokane to moving a week later and Allan starting a new job …its been a whirlwind of a summer to say the least! We ended up finding an apartment in an old historic district here in Spokane and are settling into our new digs and exploring this new town we are calling home.  
This is my FIRST time living out-of-California and its already been such an adventure! I wanted to share a few of my favorite things from our time here so far, and give you a little sneak peek into a few of my favorite things!
The Brick. Some distressed, some boasting painted billboards from the days of old, but downtown Spokane is practically covered in brick from head-to-toe and brings with it an old, industrial feel that I just love There is so much character and history to the city! Oh yeah, and this dreamy loft with flower boxes?!? Well…I may or may not have started a Pinterest board for…
Practically smack dab in the heart of downtown lies the Spokane Falls. I’m a huge fan of pretty much any body of water, so the fact the river runs through the city makes my heart sooooo happy. Especially having it be the focal point for nearby parks, eateries, running paths and businesses. So gorgoeus!
Kendall Night Market has been one of my favorite weekly events. Every Wednesday night, they host a farmers market with local vendors and some delicious produce and baked goods. Live music and food trucks cap off the street where locals gather and hang out…oh, heck yes for food trucks! Yum yum yum! Allan’s favorite booth is the one where you can adopt animals. It’s a REAL challenge for him not to bring them ALL home with us!
The Bridges and Bells. There are bridges EVERYWHERE you turn here….weaving and connecting the city. This one on the left is nearby our apartment and I love its arches and outlets to view the river below.  
I was driving back to our apartment one day. It was warm and I had my windows down. Just before I turned left towards our street, I heard the church bells playing an old hymn. The sound and song brought so much comfort to me, I can’t explain. It’s the little things sometimes, right?
It’s a staple feature from almost anywhere you are downtown Spokane. You can hear it roaring by, or see its tracks lining the bridges. I don’t know if its because of the Gotham City vibe I get or what, but I have become quite the fan of the Train here.
Happy weekend from Spokane!

Spokane: Sights + Scoop

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