Happy December friends!!! Winter is officially settling in over here so if you don’t here from me in the next few weeks, SEND HELP!!! I’ve probably frozen over!!! Speaking of coldness, I’ve learned a few things about this new climate since morning here from California. First, you need snow tires. Say whaaaaaat?? Yes, in the winter people change the tires on their car to snow tires for the winter. I did not know this is a thing. Does this mean I’m blonde or just from California? Second, most…okay, basically ALL my ‘warm’ clothes I owned before were not designed for actual cold weather. Wait, you mean I can’t wear this cute scarf with holes?  
So last Friday, Allan and I went to the Coeur d’Alene Resort Light Show. I wore my holey scarf (and layered a ‘real’ one underneath), ear muffs, two pairs of socks, gloves and basically my entire closet since I knew it was going to be cold. What was amazing to me though, even with the rain, the town was PACKED with people to see the annual lighting ceremony! Since it was our first time attending, we followed the people that looked like they knew what they were doing and gathered at the water’s edge. The show was truly spectacular and I wanted to share a few photos I snapped from the night!
Before the fireworks started, a quartet sang carols for all those gathered to see the show, and then right before the countdown began, the whole town joined in and sang ‘Silent Night’ togetherI Hearing those lyrics ring out in the night sky amongst a community full of all sorts of people, young and old to tourists and residents, was definitely a highlight for me!
The Coeur d’Alene Resort hosts this event annually, and this year was their 30th anniversary show, with over 1.5 million lights on display! We were huddled next to a family of four by the water during the fireworks who had come for the last five years in a row and now, I can see why!
To add extra Christmasness to the event, they played Christmas music specially coordinated to the fireworks!!!
I think this was about the point the finale began…and also when my hands started to go numb! I’ve never seen so many fireworks…it looked like confetti flying from the sky!
After the fireworks show, the resort opens up its dock area for anyone who to walk around and see all the light displays! There was a Noah’s Ark, reindeer, golfers, a fire-breathing dragon, stockings, and just about anything you can imagine!
Such a fun event to kick-off the Christmas season! Hugs to all from Spokane!!! 
xx, Lisa

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