Last weekend was way too much fun! Not going to lie, I’m still recovering a bit. And by recovering I mean, still dreaming about the delicious food we had and trying NOT to worry so much about how my pants now fit just a bit tighter after this weekend.  
We had my parents in town for the weekend and had THE best time! They flew in on Friday morning, and we kicked things off with a round of golf at Downriver Golf Course!!!
Allan and I hadn’t golf in over a year, so let’s just say the first hour (or three) involved more grass chucking and tree trimming than we’d like to admit. 
But…on the bright side, itt was THE most gorgeous afternoon!
And after 18 holes of golf, we headed to one of our favorite places, The Flying Goat, for some pizza.  
And these things below?!? Some sort of goat cheese and sausage in fried dough. Seriously, they are like little magical balls of heaven. But isn’t everything fried just so good?!? And so wrong. The struggle is real.
The next morning, we headed to Bowl and Pitcher for a hike.  
This place makes my heart go boom boom.
Every time you go, there is something new to discover.
After a few hours of hiking, we headed to Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle for lunch…isn’t this place neat?!?
And introduced mom and dad to THE best huckleberry shakes in town!
To work off our milkshakes, we headed downtown and rented four bikes from Spoke N’ Sport and explored the Centennial Trail!!!
And had THE most spectacular sunset to end our evening of fun. Seriously, I think God was showing off for us this night!
View of the sunset from our table at Anthony’s for din din… 
You ever have those moments in life where you think to yourself Goodness, life is so sweet. This was one of those for me, sitting next to Allan, with my Mom and Dad sitting across from us, sharing a scrumptious meal and watching the most amazing sunset…
Next day, we took mom and dad to church and then checked out the Historic Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane.  
This place never gets old to me. Maybe cause it’s already old + historic…? Either way, I love it here. So much history and prettiness.
We even got to check out their balcony!!!
One of my all-time favorite Christmas movies is A White Christmas so it was super fun to visit the house below, the home where Bing Crosby grew up in here in Spokane!
Before they headed home, we ended with an extra extra sweet dessert and another favorite here in town, the coconut cake at Wild Sage .  
We love you Mom + Dad and can’t wait until you visit again!!! Till next adventure…
Happy Tuesday friends!!!

Spokane Sights + Scoop: A Visit with Mom + Dad from California

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