There is a bit of a baby boom happening around here and its kind of amazing! To think, some of these little ones will grow up together, build forts, play tractors, go camping, and have all sorts of adventures with each other – how fun is that!?!

Joining the pack and arriving to the world, meet precious Callen Patrick. This adorable little man is the first little one for his parents, Alex and Michaela, who are seriously over the moon about their little guy, and its easy to see why. He is, THE cutest thing you ever did see. His squishy lips and cheeks just melted me. And his hair – pretty sure he scored some amazing genes from his mom and dad who both have gorgeous hair!

Handsome little Callen, thank you for letting me capture your new life. Captured here at just six days old, weighing not quite but almost nine pounds…

Love this one next to his dad’s boots…
My favorite!

Callen Patrick: Newborn Portraits

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