When your baby sister has a baby, something amazing happens! You see, Gina has always been my ‘little’ sister, but mostly just because of our seven year age difference. In actuality, Gina has always been strong and sure-footed in her own right, and over the years, been someone I’ve come to lean on. When I saw her hold her baby boy for the first time in the hospital, I felt so proud and thought how lucky this little boy is to get such a strong person to call his mama in this world. 
It was just a few short weeks ago when, a few hours past midnight, my phone rang with the sweetest news from sister Gina on the other end. She and Dustin had become parents to a beautiful baby BOY that night. They named him Jack Edward. He had arrived just as the doctor predicted and weighted nine pounds, nine ounces and measured just over 22 inches!!!  
A few hours later, me and my other sisters and my mom and dad gathered together in the tiny hospital room to meet baby Jack for the first time. Oh, baby Jack! You are SO greatly loved already!!! Your blonde wispy hair is quite possibly the cutest thing EVER. I love your cheeks and your little purrs you make when you sleep. 
Below are a few favorites of my newest nephew, Jack. Feel free to gush over him as need be : )
I love this photo above, with his lips pursed and his blonde wispy hairs on his forearms….melt me!
Love those blonde eye lashes!
Don’t you just want to squeeze those cheeks?!?
My favorite!
Congratulations Gina and Dustin! I couldn’t be more proud and excited for you! And am so honored that I got to document Jack’s first few days in this world!!! Love you baby Jack!

Newborn Portraits: Jack Edward

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