Had the honor of photographing Mark and Katelyn’s wedding a few years ago, then when they were expecting Brooklyn, and now as a FAMILY of four! Oh my heart!!!  
I distinctly remember the joy and love between Mark and Katelyn on their wedding day, and it seems to have only multiplied as their family has grown! Thank you both, times a gazillion, for letting me capture these crazy, amazing moments and chapters in your life over the past years! Love you guys! xx
Love their love so much!
Cuteness overload!
Darling, brown-eyed Benjamin…
And cutie-patootie Brooklyn and her personality…
Just too much…
One of my faves!
Gorgeous, beautiful, joyful Katelyn! You make the world so much better being in it!
Love this family SO much! Can’t wait to see all the amazing adventures in store for them!!!

Family Portraits: Nocito Family

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