Every once in awhile, I have these moments on shoots where I’m reminded of the crazy blessing photography has been to me. This particular time, I was smack in the middle of my two week trip of back-to-back shoots when I met up with the Kirchert Family. As I followed them out to the location, I was trying to quiet my mind and the busyness of the week to get focused and present for the shoot.  
We parked next to the open field and Oli promptly jumped out and smiled, with a familiarity that made my heart melt. He excitedly proclaimed he was turning FOUR and was having a dinosaur party to celebrate!!! Maybe it was his shear enthusiasm or the way he held his fists so tight with excitement he could barely stand still, but I felt this overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude. How sweet is it to witness and capture this family grow over the past four years, from expecting little Oli to him turning one to NOW!!!! What a gift and blessing you all are Kirchert family, and so many others that have invited me to capture milestones and moments in their lives! My hope is these shoots & images can serve as blessings to families and couples in return for years to come!  
Here are a few of my favorites from my time with the Kirchert Family…
When you turn FOUR you most definitely need a BIG balloon to celebrate!
This path was the dreamiest…thanks to Kristi for scouting this amazing location!!!
One of my faves!
Adore this family!
I mean…
Pure eyelash envy!!!
Happy weekend!

The Kirchert Family: Oli turns Four

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