AS they inched towards the capstone, so did the years between them. Their journey had begun thirteen years before this moment. In high school, Armin and Ann both served s office aids at school during hte sam hour each day. And although neither had a relationship in mind at the time, it was during the hours, Armin and Ann developed a friendship.

Following high school, Armin moved to Chicago with his family, while Ann remined in California to pursue her degreen in journalism. the two stayed in touch over the years, remaining friends but nothing more. Post college, Armin found himself running a successful business in Chicagoa, but noticed his thoughts continually running back to Ann. He shared his heart with her, and the two began a long distance relationship between the golden state and the windy city.

A few years later, while in Chicago, Armin brought Ann to the Navy Pier where they boarded the park’s Ferris wheel. As the Chicago skyline came into view, so did the years together. There, floating above the city he loved, next to the girl he loved, Armin asked Ann to be his forever.

I met Armin and Ann in San Francisco for their engagement session, a perfect setting and the place they now call home. Together…
One of my favorites from the session on the right…
The sun was absolutely gorgeous throughout the afternoon!
Love these two and their love for each other!
Their many years together are evident in their comfort and contentment with one another…
And the years of long distance is evident in the gratefulness they ooze as they walk hand and hand next to each other.
After a few pictures in the park, we headed to the Palace of Fine Arts for a few more…
Gosh, I can’t even handle these two! Such a beautiful couple inside and out!
I just adored my time with these two in San Francisco!
And can’t wait to see them again next month to document their wedding day at the beautiful Vista Ranch and Cellars!
Happy (almost) Friday!

Armin + Ann: San Francisco Engagement Session

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